Memorabilia and Images of Times Gone By.

From time we are given old photos of groups of people who lived in Dungiven many years ago. The photo below is of the boys of Dungiven Primary School circa 1908 some 100 years ago. Can you identify any of them?. There are 43 students each has an unique number. If you can identify any of them please send us an Email from Icon below the image below with your information. Please only information that you might think interesting to other readers. No doubt many of these young men went to far off places such as America, Australia etc places many Irish emigrated to. No doubt many stayed at home. Also have a look at the photo below of the school taken in 1922. It is complete with names. I suppose when we look at this type of photo we tend to think whatever happened to these young men?. Some we will know about but what is the history of the young man John Deans probably of mixed race who came amongst us only to die later in the battle fields of Europe probably as a private in the Canadian army killed by a snipers bullet.

Dungiven Primary School. The photo was probably taken circa 1908. The schoolmaster was Mr. Kilmartin.

These are the boys we have identified to date. Can you identify any others?

Pupil 1: Jimmy Harkin
Pupil 2: Michael Farren.
Pupil 29: G.McCloskey.
Pupil 30: Tommy McCaul.
Pupil 31: J. McCloskey.
Pupil 32, 33, 34.The Heaney brothers.
Pupil 35: P. Flannigan.
Pupil 39: Henry McCaul.
Pupil 40: Bernard McWilliams. Became a schoolmaster but changed to engineering and spent his life in Philadelphia Pa.
Pupil 41: Patrick McWilliams. Brother to Bernard above also became a schoolmaster but took over the running of the family business at the family blacksmith/forge at Magherabuoy.
Pupil 42: Theo Higgins The son of Michael Higgins a G.P. in Dungiven at the time and Mary Jane Bryson from Drumsurn. He later studied medicine and was a G.P. in Kilsyth Scotland for a time and in later life in Hawes N. Yorkshire. Died there and buried in Leyburn Yorkshire.
Pupil 43: Tommy Cunning.

Others known to be in in the photo but not as yet identified are Johnny Mulholland a coffin maker who lived at Magherabuoy, Jimmy Pierce and Charlie McCloskey. If you have the names of any of these young men we would like to hear from you. Please email us. Thanks.

Dungiven Primary School 1922. Teachers Mr Gilmartin and Miss O'Connor Drumsurn.

Private John Deans Canadian Army WW2. Sixth from left top row.

This mill in Lower Drumgavaney townland near Drumsurn village and was operated by John Murrell.
Image courtesy Bill Morell Slidell La. U.S.A. a descendant.