Some images of Ireland circa 1895- 1905.

A farming family and homestead near Bellaghy Co. Derry circa 1912. And the postman!

A typical cottage of a small tenant farmer.There would be thousands of these across Ireland. Note the half door.

The original wagon train!

The famous "letter from Amerikay" arrives!

A small rural school circa 1905.This one in Co.Monaghan

A typical "better class farmer" of Victorian Ireland. Note he had a horse and cart and was much better dressed than the smaller tenant farmers with their cloth hats or caps and donkey carts.

A view familiar to thousands of Irish emigrants, The harbour at Queenstown Co. Cork. Note the buoys for the big liners to tie up to and the passenger tender. The men in the boat would be employed to catch the ropes thrown from the liners and then secure them to the buoys.

A lot of wool spinning took place in this era. For payment and for needed clothing.

A typical west of Ireland fishing village.This one in Co.Galway.

Children rushing home from school.

Fishermen at the Giants Causeway Co. Antrim.